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Satisfying Salad

Make your meals this week even better with a side of Mrs. Gerry’s Seafood Salad. With a mixture of dressing, spices, surimi crab and shrimp, it’s no wonder it’s so satisfying. It even makes a great meal all on its own! Serve it with some chili sauce and Ritz or Club Crackers for a yummy lunch or appetizer.


 Need Event Planning Help? Ask for Ann!

Do you need help from our deli or have a question about planning your big event? Call our store at 763-537-4551 and ask for Ann, our deli manager. She is available Mondays, and Wednesdays through Saturdays from 6am-1pm. Ann is the most important person to talk with when placing an order. If you have entertaining questions, Ann will be happy to help!

Deli Special: Through Wednesday, April 24, 2019: Burger Basket w/fixings, jojos and coleslaw for $4.49.

Deli Menu:

Thursday, April 18


Graduation Time

Is your teen going to be graduating soon? Do you need help planning this special occasion? Click on our 'Celebration Brochure' for great sandwich platters, appetizers, and desserts and let us help. Our Party Planning page has a guide for serving sizes, boxed lunches and more!

In Remembrance...

Planning a luncheon to remember a loved one? Let us help make your planning easier with our 'To Celebrate A Life' Brochure.

 Celebration   FuneralBrochure

Can't remember what's on our daily special boards? Now you can!


Do you like ham? Stop by our deli for some perfectly Sliced Ham this week. You're sure to get some tasty sandwiches out of it. You can also try out some new recipes if you want. There are so many to try like, hot ham and cheese sliders, ham and cream cheese roll-ups, Hawaiian pizza and so much more. Check out some of these

Fresh Baked Favorites


Fabulous Fritters

Do you like your donuts to be a little but crunchy, filled with fruity goodness and coated with the perfect amount of glaze? Then come to our bakery department and get a pack of our Apple Fritters. We make them from scratch every day so they’re fresh just for you. You’ll be able to get out of bed in the morning real easily if it means biting into one of these delicious donuts.

Weekly Bakery Special

White Bread.jpg

Wednesday Bread Special

Did you know every Wednesday our 1-1/2 pound Homestyle White Bread is on special for only $1.99? You save $1.30 a loaf.

Now that's savings!

Meat Department


Great for Grilling!

Pick up some chicken to grill up this week. Chicken Breasts are great for grilling, especially when marinated first. It makes them so much more juicy and flavorful! Although, if you don’t want to get complicated, any grilled meat will always taste better if you just add a little seasoned salt.

What do you plan on grilling up this week? There’s nothing like kicking off this beautiful barbecuing season with a big and juicy piece of beef, right? So what could be better than a T-bone Steak? How could you not look forward to having that first bite of succulent sizzling meat? Get a couple while they’re on sale this week!



Kitchen Essential

Are you a fan of Onions? If you aren’t by now then you should be. Not only do they have a lot of health benefits, but they also add a lot of flavor to so many recipes. It sometimes seems like onions are in just about everything we eat! This popular veggie is definitely a kitchen essential.

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