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On the Side

Since it's grilling season, you will probably be barbecuing sometime this week, right? Pick up a side to go with your sizzling grilled meat. How about some Cheese Tortellini Salad? With tricolor cheese tortellini, diced cucumbers, red and yellow bell peppers, and green onions mixed in a dressing of white wine vinegar, worcestershire sauce and dijon mustard topped with fresh parmesan cheese, this salad is hard to resist!


Do you need help or have a question about our deli? Call our store at 763-537-4551 and ask for Ann, our deli manager. She is available Mondays, and Wednesdays through Saturdays from 6am-1pm. If you need to place an order or have entertaining questions, talk to Ann, she'll be happy to help you!

Deli Special: Through Wednesday, April 25, 2018: Cod or Shrimp Basket w/jojos, coleslaw and dinner roll for $4.49.

Deli Menu:

Sunday, April 22



Graduation Planning

Having a Graduation party? Click on our 'Celebration Brochure' for great sandwich platters, appetizers, and desserts to serve at your next gathering. Our Party Planning page has a guide for serving sizes, boxed lunches and more!

In Remembrance...

Planning a luncheon to remember a loved one? Let us help make your planning easier with our 'To Celebrate A Life' Brochure.

 Celebration   FuneralBrochure

Can't remember what's on our daily special boards? Now you can!


Fresh Baked Favorites


Chewy Delights!

There's nothing like enjoying a perfectly sweet and chewy cookie after a long day. Have them with some milk or a scoop of your favorite ice cream to enjoy it even more! Of course, our made-from-scratch Cookies also make a great treat to share with friends and family too. Whenever you need something sweet, a pack of our bakery's cookies will definitely do the trick!


Weekly Bakery Special

White Bread.jpg

Wednesday Bread Special

Did you know every Wednesday our 1-1/2 pound Homestyle White Bread is on special for only $1.99? You save $1.30 a loaf.

Now that's savings!

Meat Department


Cook Any Way You Want

Do you like to grill not only outside, but also inside? Then get started and enjoy the taste of grilled meat even while it's snowing outside! However, don't despair, you will be able to grill outside soon. If you prefer not to start grilling yet that's ok too. Almsted's Pork Chops are great for not only grilling, but also broiling, pan frying and baking too!


Almsted's Specialty Sausage Kitchen



Stop by our Meat Department and check out our newly created Specialty Sausages and Meats. These special recipes are prepared right in our meat department and are perfect for dinnertime, gametime or anytime!

Find a list of some of the meats we carry, how to prep them and check out cooking times for your favorite Almsted's Specialties here.



A Tasty Veggie

 We don't know about you, but we always have Tomatoes in our fridge. They're good with so many things, especially taco salads! Add them to all kinds of salads, sandwiches, pasta and so much more! If you really feel like cooking then make some homemade tomato soup, pasta sauce or some marinara sauce.

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